How to get a Commercial Activity License Philadelphia

1. First you will need a Philadelphia Tax ID. You may want to check with your accountant to see if you already have one. If not, you can register for one here:

2. Gather the following information that you may need to get your license.

  • Owner's social security or EIN Number 
  • Owner's birthdate if property is owned in the name of the individual instead of a company

3. Go to

  • Create a log in or use your existing log in.

4. From the main homepage in Eclipse, click the button for Register for a New Activity License.

5. Click Next and then click the radial button for Commercial Activity

6. Click the correct radial button for Individual or Company depending on if you own the property as an entity or in a personal name

7. Enter your information

Some people encounter an error message stating that they cannot get the license due to a “tax clearance issue”.  If this is the case, use the email provided in the system to email the city to find out what is needed to correct this. Keep in mind, it often takes them a few days to respond and you may have to follow up.